Session Three: Twigs & Lies

After finding safety in Emror’s keep, the accidental adventurers settled down for a somewhat stressful rest.

As Bob slept, an entity reached out to him and offered Bob’s wildest dreams. Knowledge, power, and to pass his dissertation, as long as Bob would accept his tenets:

  • Learn everything you can
  • Punish those who hoard and keep knowledge from others
  • Use what you learn to protect yourself

Bob agreed, and the entity revealed his name as “Sark.” Sark warned Bob of Emror, and said he was not to be trusted, and worshiped Sark’s mortal enemy.

Meanwhile, as Flora slept, her ancestors reached out to her and warned her. She was far from them, within and without time, and they worried they could not save her. Her great grandmother specifically warned her not to trust Emror, that he was a danger.

Tāmerai, while ostensibly keeping watch, explored more of the keep and found maps (including one to Eislecross, with “Talk to Ferol” written on it). Many of Emror’s maps were of pre-Ravinia, and suggested that there was once a castle.

In the morning, Emror prepared a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and … kobold bacon. He had a request and a theory. It was Emror’s belief that they were trapped here because of a spell his master cast, to protect the threshold crests used to make the cities fly. Would they help him to collect at least one threshold crest, so he could break the spell and they could go home? He had some ideas where the crests might be found, and shared his map of Ravinia, which spelled out:

  • Tyriex (where they were now)
  • Vorugul’s Lair
  • “His” Lair
  • Kobold Encampment (heavily misspelled)

The curious adventures did not quite agree immediately (though they checked his artihmancy and confirmed it looked solid). They did ask about the only locked door in the tower, which Emror said was where he had hidden from the Great War that killed everyone else. Suspicious as to how he managed to survive there, they went to investigate (with Emror’s permission) and found that indeed, someone had lived in the basement storage room. There were enough marks on the walls to confirm that whomever was in there, survived 7 years, 9 months, and 12 days. Scrawled on the walls were calculations that looked like Emror’s, and hidden in a hole in the brick was evidence that the gemstone in Emror’s staff had been secreted there.

Emboldened, Stubby went to find Emror (as did Bob), only to come across him sitting in the middle of a pentagram on the top floor, deep in meditation. He did not respond to voice, nor telepathy. When Bob entreated Sark as to who he was, Sark said to flee.

And flee they did, heading towards the dragon’s lair.

The Twig Sprite whom they’d fought the day before tried to warn them away, sharing images of a white dragon. Both Flora (with her keen senses) and Stubby (with her history of Draconia) felt the dragon was not in residence, and the adventures approached the lair. On the path leading up, it was clear much of the treasure was scattered, and bodies (Dragonborn and wild animal) lined the roads.

Tāmerai cast Detect Magic and determined that all of the dead Dragonborn had died from magical means, and all the recent deaths via Necromancy.

What will they find in the dragons’ lair?

Items Aquired

  • Maps of Ravinia made by Emror, ‘borrowed’ by Tāmerai
  • Lantern of dragon detection, made by Stubby (using a talon from the dead wyrmling)
  • Alchemy Jug, made by Stubby
  • A ream of papers with mathemagic explaining how to properly, safely, break the spell that has you trapped, made by Emror, loaned to the group
  • 10 Gold, 8 silver, 4 copper pieces found by Tunk on the trail to the dragons’ lair.


  • Bob – Changling Warlock
  • Flora Zosna – A Loxodon paladin
  • Jeremiah Callows – Human Cleric
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard
  • Tunk – Bugbear Monk