Session Four: The Dragons’ Lair

After arriving at the former lair of Vorugal, the heroes noticed that Stubby’s lantern was glowing. Not enough to indicate a dragon, but more than it did around Emror. Thus forewarned, then intrepid band braved the lair and found it … well looted. Most of the best stuff was gone, leaving only a chest, a small pile of gold, gems, and items, 5 crests in the wall (clouded black, clouded green, colluded red, faint purple, and bright blue), oh and 3 dragon eggs.

A protection spell made it difficult for anyone to get close to the eggs, though Bob was able to collect a frozen pile of books. Only Stubby was able to cross the spell’s line and approach the crests in the wall. From afar, Tāmerai cast Identify and discovered the purple stone (cracked and with the word DRACONIA etched on it) was indeed a threshold crest. The blue stone beside it was a communication stone that put them in contact with someone in Emon.

After talking to the people on the other side of the communication stone, it became evident that they simply did not believe that these were the ‘lost children of Whitestone.’ A higher level mage, Archivist Hinds, was found and began to think that the tall tale was actually the truth. She summoned a fellow representative from the Tal’dorei council, Lady Vex’halia, who promptly identified Stubby as her daughter.

Much to everyone’s surprise, 80 years had passed. Lady Vex’halia was now in her hundreds, Lord Percival had died of old age, and Stubby and her companions were thought to be dead (though Vex swore Percy never stopped looking for them, nor had she). Taking in the situation, as only a seasoned adventurer could, Vex suggested they destroy the eggs, loot the lair (except the cursed chest), and take the crest and the communication stone elsewhere. She agreed that breaking or destroying the stones should break the spell trapping them there, but was not 100% certain.

Eventually the team managed to buff Flora so she could cross the line and get the crest out of the wall (which dispelled the abjuration) and into the bag of holding that Tāmerai had found. She also took the communication gem, which shortly thereafter went dark, however it can be used again the next day.

Items Aquired

  • Frozen stack of books, found by Bob
    • Captain’s log from ~600 years ago, written badly, eventually about the founding of Darktow Island (nb: DM error! Said 1000 years, forgot the right time — also yes, Darktow was technically founded about 60 years ago, this is how you get there)
    • Other items TBD as the stack melts
  • Bag of Holding, found by Tāmerai
    • Eating utensils for two people
    • One set of cold weather gear
  • Purse, found by Tāmerai
    • Bracelet with a single pearl worth 100g
    • A note saying “To Beatrice, my love”
  • 6 gems, worth 10g each
  • A painting, 2 vases, and a bust of some Dragonborn, each worth 250 gold, found by Tunk
  • A bullseye Lantern, without oil, found by Tunk
  • One dragon egg (placed in the Bag of Holding)
  • One threshold crest (purple) with the word DRACONIA etched in
  • One blue communication stone that can connect the wilder to a sibling stone in Emon
  • 100 gold, 91 silver, 84 copper, found by Tāmerai and Tunk

Note: The loot totals for gold etc are correct, but the break down is not due to dumbassery and documentation.


  • Bob – Changling Warlock
  • Flora Zosna – A Loxodon paladin
  • Jeremiah Callows – Human Cleric
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard
  • Tunk – Bugbear Monk