Session Six: Lies and Truth

Having met Cembiten, the Ravenite Paladin, the lost travellers received confirmation that the basic idea from Emror (to use the Threshold Crests to break the spell trapping them all in a weird time distortion) would work. According to Cembiten, what was left out was the bit about how Emror would need to sacrifice them to pull it off. Not really keen on them dying (though Bob was okay with other people dying), they were heartened when Cembiten posited they could use the green gem in Emror’s staff, the one that contains the mad mage known as ‘Flynn,’ to convince the two stones to do the job.

Some caveats of course….

  1. Two stones touching could result in a one-way fast lane trip to the Astral Plane
  2. While they have one stone, it’s cracked a little and may not work
  3. Cembiten had not known that 80 years had passed on the outside…

Most of the party went to see if they could acquire the crest stone held by the Kobolds, while Cembiten and Jeremiah went to see if there was another at the Cat’s Butte, which coincidentally was where they all landed when they arrived.

The Kobolds attacked first, causing Bob to kill one with an Eldritch Blast (in self defence!), and prompting one Kobold (a winged one) to go warn the others. Stubby decided to follow him right off the cliff, but managed to swing in and land in the mushroom growing caverns of the Kobolds. After being captured and hauled down to the king, Turuk’Hal, they convinced him of their intentions: to get rid of Emror.

The king promised that, should they return with proof of Emror’s demise, they could have the crest, since the Kobolds were only using it to prevent Emror from scrying on them anyway.

However… Stubby and Tamāri discovered that the stones all hum at a difference resonance, and from that realized that they’d need to use something as a ‘tuning fork’ to get the stones on the same frequency, if they were to have any hope of returning home.


  • Bob – Changling Warlock (Pact of the Old Ones)
  • Jeremiah Callows – Human Cleric
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard (College of Lore)
  • Tunk – Bugbear Monk (Way of the Cobalt Soul/Expositor)