Session Thirteen and 1/2: Downtime

An in character week happens between session 13 and 14.

Tree Yeeting

Every day, at the ‘dinnerish’ time the group set up, local Victoria (whom you learn is actually named Viktoire, and her family calls her Victoria when they’re annoyed — she likes the name Local Vik and is agitating to be called LV now) sits and communes with the tree, while Keyleth does the same with the Sun Tree.

The first two days they try this, anyone watching sees Keyleth toss a lead box in, and the box shoots back at her. That first time clocks her in the head. The second time she dodges and it just creams Scanlan behind her.

The third night, however, the box comes through! That is the only successful yeet of the week from Whitestone. Inside are personal letters for Stubby (from her parents and family — all about everything she missed, she has nieces and nephews now, and please write down everything and send it back!) and Tam (from her sister, who catches her up on all the changes).

LV has not yet managed to get a successful Yeet, and at one point, grew a beard which turned into feathers when she sneezed. She says it’s nothing, and once she ended up hitting herself with a fireball.


Some of the important changes:

  • Xhorhass has a permanent embassy at Emon!
  • Tal’dorei also has an embassy in Rhosanna, and Stubby’s second eldest sibling is the ambassador!
  • Percy has officially stepped down from all leadership and spends his time blowing things up
  • Vex is the Master of Coin on the Tal’dorei council
  • Vesper (the eldest) is the functional head of the household and handles the day to day workings of Whitestone. She had a pair of fraternal twins with a half-elf she met in Wildemount while looking for Stubby.
  • ‘Something’ happened with the Ashari rifts 
    • Pyrah (know) was destroyed
    • Vesrah has gone radio silent and rumours of an ancient enemy patrolling the seas around Issylra have people worried
    • Terrah and Zephrah (both on Tal’dorei) have been dealing with a lot of wild magic, more than normal
  • Bez has a full (if small) House in Whitestone now, and it is incredibly popular for people to travel and check out the services. There are two other Sisters from the main house, one junior, and one local being trained up!
  • The Bear and Ingenuity Festivals in Whitestone are also hugely popular and have spread to all parts of the continent.
  • Gelidon was not killed, she escaped.

New Vasselheim

Not a whole lot happened. There were some pigs from the farms outside the walls that broke through the Rat Docks, and Lightning Tetsuo (aka the Greased Gnome, who is a scaffolding builder by day) rounded them up. He wore his pants this time.

There has been no communication as of yet from the Thieves Guild.

The Empress however does send a note (probably not her, herself) to let you know that Tunk and Bob were safely escorted to the southern tip of the Sunderpeak Mountain range, and crossed over into the Godless Lands.

Group Projects

There’s nothing magical in the entire Embassy building except the bathroom! It has an enchantment to make the water always easy to fill/drain, keeps it warm, and is easy to clean. The tree is ‘magic’ but then again they’ve had a local Druid casting spells at it every day.

Bag of Holding

The following items were from Vorugal/Gelidon’s lair.

  • Purse – non magical (held the pearl)
  • Broken sword bits – non magical
  • Gems – non magical
  • Bust – non magical, seems to be some historical dragonborn
  • Vases 
    • one is green with .. dicks?
    • One is red ochre with geometric patterns that has a glyph of warding – when triggered it will cast daylight


The following books were from Vorugal/Gelidon’s lair.

  • Captain’s Log – about the founding of Darktow!
  • Pamphlet of the Traveler written in Undercommon
  • Chronicles of Thrang
  • Medical books about mental trauma
  • The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Sir Taryon Darrington
  • An ancient book about Saerenrae and the temple in Vasselheim, which was lost when a mountain collapsed
  • A history of Vestiges of Divergence (listing some, including Cabals Ruin)
  • One book has no ink at all at first, but as you look at it, suddenly has content! It’s a Manual of Quickness of Action — a magical book that, read over the course of 48 hours in six days, increases one reader’s dexterity. After use, the manual loses its magic but regains it in a century. 
  • A book about Aeor, with information about how some parts of landed to the north west of Vasselheim
  • Book on mythological creatures and folklore
  • Book about the sundering if the Clays, Stones, and Dusts, who all follow the Wildmother and protect her in different ways 
  • Book about the raven queen and her rise