Session Twenty: The Once and Future Raven Queen (Part 2)

Still in the catacombs, the group delved deeper in. They left the chest in the water alone, moving on to another room where they found bones and tombs. Two Darkmantles attacked them, but were quickly dispatched, and tucked away in a tomb they found the Skull of Sartine.

Sartine was a Handmaiden to the Raven Queen, destroyed in her name, but her Skull remains behind. It’s a myth as the skull had not been seen for centuries. However there, in the tomb, they found it.

The skull spoke to Stubby, asking who dared to speak to the handmaiden of the Raven Queen. Sensing that Stubby was working to save the Raven Queen, Kas agreed to help them destroy the sword of Kas. If they could find it.

And in fact they did! And Kas. But he was a young Kas, maybe their age. Kas was collecting the sword for his liege, Arkhan the Cruel. When the group asked a bit about his history, it turned out Kas was also stuck out of time, like much of the Raven Queen’s people on Othanzia.

Alas, Kas was not amenable to destroying the sword, and a fight ensued. The group won, handily, with Rinn single shot destroying an animated suit of armor.

Once they won, they took the sword to the altar and placed the skull by it. In a burst of magic, the skull vanished and the sword looked weaker. Stubby threw it into the lava, and was rewarded by the appearance of her dead uncle.

Vex was so proud but told her more needed to be done to defeat her twisted relative, the Empress. Giving them his blessing (and a hug) he sent them on their way.

Items Acquired

  • The Skull of Sartine – vanished after destroying the sword
  • The Sword of Kas – depowered and thrown in lava
  • 2 bronze coins each


  • Rinn Shrike – Half-elf Sorcerer/Rogue (Storm Sorcery)
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard (College of Lore)
  • Fisch – Bear Fighter (regular NPC)