Victor Von Vasselheim

Victor was a vendor of mining products (and byproducts) in Vasselheim, and he served as Percy’s source of black powder in Othanzia. During the Battle of Vasselheim (when Vecna attacked), Victor blew up his shop (shouting “You’ll never take me alive!!!”). He died in the explosion and was resurrected by Clerics from the Temple of Everlight.

According to his youngest son, Ivan, Victor was soured on the religious leadership in Vasselheim, who lead to the death of countless citizens through their feckless inaction. He worked with the (now) Empress and Ryo but at some point, shortly before the One Day War, had a falling out. He told his children that he was going to destroy the ‘weapon’ he’d made for the revolution, and to destroy all the saltpetre on the continent. Victor believed that the Empress was going to use the saltpetre to poison and/or destroy his friends in Whitestone.

Presumed dead, Victor has not been seen since the destruction of Vasselheim, but his family still lives in New Vasselheim and run Clocks & Cogs.

In session 23 “The Titans Toll”, the adventurers find that Victor is alive and well, and has been hiding near Old Vasselheim all this time! After killing Ryo, he worked with his granddaughter, Vanya, to have her take Ryo’s place. They’ve been making sure the dangerous weapons cannot be used.


Victor was described as a lithe, crooked-looking man, who was quite elderly but very spry for his age. His arms and legs were quite spider-like and lanky. He had frazzled, grey hair, a puffed out, partially burnt and curled bit of goatee, and wore spectacles of two different lens sizes, at least for his work. One of his glasses was cracked and he was half-covered in soot. Supplied with a variety of refuse from mining operations (such as gravel, sulfur, limestone, and quartz), he utilized them in the creation of black powder (presumably sulfur, charcoal, and saltpetre).

Erratic and eccentric, Victor was considered to be a “crazy old coot” by his friends and suppliers.