John’s Marketplace


  • John Devore, Male Tiefling (Owner)
    • His skin is reddish purple. He normally wears a tight white one piece outfit complete with pants, hood, and a cape, which sets off his skin perfectly. He has a small bristly mustache and wavy chestnut hair. His amber eyes peer out from beneath his wide brimmed white hat. John is calm most of the time but you get the impression he’d sell out his own mother.


In a major crossroads in Snow Water. The street outside has a fortune teller. All. The. Time.

The general store is a timber and brick single storey building, with a gray tile roof and shuttered windows. It contains a deck with chairs and sacks full of fruit cover the floor. 


  • Barrel (phb 153) (2 gp)
  • Pick, Miner’s (phb 150) (2 gp)
  • Weaver’s Tools (phb 154) (1 gp)