The Ill Apothecary


Rohesia Staurheim, Female Dwarf

She regularly wears a long, violet, dusty robe. She does her white hair up in a very large beehive style do. Her gray eyes are desperate and heavily dilated, giving the appearance of someone under the heavy influence of drugs. 

Rohesia lived on a farm with her father, near the main road leading to a nearby town. Like her father and her brother before her, after school she went straight into learning to become a Alchemist. She planned to use her abilities to trick people and travel the world for free, but the destruction of Old Vasselheim changed that. Now she works at the shop, the sole survivor of her family.


Located in Snow Water. The street outside is lined with a low stone wall.

The alchemist’s building is a wooden and large single story, with a heather-thatched roof and shuttered windows. It contains a high vaulted ceiling and a feather and quill next to an unfinished recipe. 


  • Potion of Water Breathing (dmg 188) (179 gp)
  • Potion of Growth (dmg 187) (260 gp)
  • Potion of Water Breathing (dmg 188) (174 gp)