The Molten Friend


Giselle Fidget, Female Elf 

She is a physically imposing dark-skinned woman. She wears black leather gloves, a black jacket, and tight pants. Her head has been shaved. Her violet eyes dart from person to person. Prone to second guessing herself, she comes off as nervous. Prior to the destruction of Vasselheim, she was in the military and went by a different last name.


In the Chalk Borough, by the gate that is between WestWay and The Arch. The street outside usually has a crowd watching performers and was recently paved.

The blacksmith is a wooden and sprawling single storey building, with a brown tile roof and moss-covered walls. It contains a small bell over the door and fine weaponry hanging from poles stretched between the walls. 


  • Animated Shield (dmg 151) (5,939 gp)
  • Weapon, +1 (dmg 213) (981 gp)
  • Armor, +1 (dmg 152) (1,498 gp)