Xhorhasian Embassy

Two houses down from the Tal’Dorei Embassy building is the Xhorhasian Embassy.

Two official representatives live there, with a handful of guards. A darkness spell protects the main of the building from sunlight. Originally they came to Vasselheim to expedite the return of some mysterious objects to their land. One was recovered, and they were in the process of retrieving a second from the Bastion of the Platinum Dragon when the destruction happened. It has not been found.

The moved from the old Tal’Dorei building to this one two years ago.

  • Lanna Kryn – A high ranking member of Den Kryn, she is the senior ambassador
  • Rayelle Mirimm (deceased) – Wife to Lanna, she perished in the destruction of Vasselheim, as she was in the Bastion of the Platinum Dragon, retrieving an item, when it exploded
  • Ser Tasithar – The junior ambassador (a member of Den Tasithar, he is probably related to Otel of The Slayer’s Take)