To the south and west of both the ruins of Old Vasselheim and the growing New Vasselheim, lies the home of the Fire Ashari – Pyrah.

Shortly after the destruction of Vasselheim, the rift to the fire plane that was being protected by the Ashari flared up. Already suffering greatly from the damage caused by Thordak’s escape, Pyrah had managed to rebuild itself somewhat, but they were grossly unprepared for the power that poured forth from the rift.

It has been assumed that the overflow of magics released from Vasselheim’s destruction reverberated with the rift, causing it to (essentially) explode. Only a scant 50 of the Fire Ashari survived, and when they were able, they returned to find that the rift was closed.

That said, the scar left in Emon by Thordak, The Cinder King, in turn has become more dangerous. The survivors of Pyrah have, for the most part, moved there to protect Emon and Tal’dorei. A few have remained in the Caldera of Pyrah as an outpost, just in case.

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