Session One: Party Crashers

It should have been just fun and games. It was anything but.

Hundreds of people have come to Whitestone to enjoy a special festival, with vendor stalls and dancing and singing. But two days into the week long celebration, the joy was shattered by the attack of an ancient white dragon, bent on revenge. The staltwart adventurers, Vox Machina, and their allies took on the dragon, while the guards and every able bodied person in the city took up arms to defend against the wyverns and wrymlings it brought in tow.

In the midst of this, while helping usher the infirm and children to the tunnels under the city, a group of six people were suddenly yeeted to a distant land, along with the front-half of a now-dead wyrmling.

  • Jerimiah Callows – A human cleric visiting for peace, who had just performed an impromptu wedding for an older couple.
  • Bob – A changeling therapist (and warlock), working on his treatise about childhood trauma and adventurers.
  • Tunk – A well traveled bugbear monk from the Cobalt Soul, visiting from Westrun to help with the ongoing book exchange/copy.
  • Flora Zosna – A Loxodon paladin, the youngest daughter of her tribe’s queen, traveling to find more of her kind, lost among the continents.
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – A hospitality gnome bard from the far reaches of Wildemount, come to Whitestone to help educate the children of the nobles.
  • Stubby (aka Lady Victoria Viqul Elaina Vessar De Rolo of Whitestone and the Grey Hunt) – Half-elf artificer, middle child of Lord Percival and Lady Vex’halia, ruling family of Whitestone, and general troublemaker.

They found themselves alone, thankfully moderately armed, in the ruins of what was Draconia… They think. Certainly everything here is wrong, even for Draconia, the fallen lands. The weather is colder than the beautiful spring it should have been, and the landscape doesn’t match anyone’s history books.

After collecting themselves, and fully introducing themselves, the group walked a mile down to the only sign of civilization. With a brief sidetrack when a trio of Twig Sprites cause a bit of a tussle, they found themselves entering the ruined city of Tyriex, one a bustling centre of magical research and learning, now a barren wasteland seemingly occupied by nothing but rotting skeletons.

The question remains: How will they get home?