Currently under negotiations to become the Republic of Othanzia (or the Free States of Othanzia).

Previously referred to as The Othanzian Empire, it was officially ruled by the Empress of Isslyra until her death.

Othanzia is home to the capital city of Vasselheim, the temporary capital of New Vasselheim (formerly Volograd), and the Vesper Timberland, a sprawling forest. Pyrah, the home of the Fire Ashari, is in the formerly volcanic area of Othanzia.

Due to its high latitude, Othanzia has a significantly colder climate than most parts of Tal’Dorei.  Significant snowfall and ice accumulation are part of life in Othanzia, creating harsh living conditions for most humanoids. The citizens are particularly hardy, which they must be in order to survive.

Since the destruction of Vasselheim, the area south of the Sunderpeak Mountains are known as “The Godless Lands” — those who enter have never returned, and the shores are littered with broken ships.

Notable Cities