Session Thirty-Three: Heretics of the Everlight

The night passed mostly uneventfully… Except for the part where Stubby and Rinn stayed in a different room all night, and Fisch…

Anyway. Waking up to a drizzly, dreary, day, the group began their walk to Fort Pyrah. It should be about a long day’s walk, or a comfortable one with a night out. They walked a while with some locals on a constitutional (apparently day hikes to historical places is a thing) and met a semi-local cleric, Father Tan, who told them his daughter was Garnet, the head up at Stillmist post, only she’s been very odd in letters lately.

But before they could get there, they figured out what was happening at the nearby little temple. A harpy, freed from Old Vasselheim, was seeking vengeance against the goddess Everlight. Whoops.

After taking down what felt like a million swamp birds she’d rallied to her cause (and nearly dying), they managed to defeat the Harpy, free the local Cleric, and saved the day. Go them! Also? Blessings of the Everlight. Always good to have!

They opted to stay the night there and move on to Fort Pyrah tomorrow.

Loot Acquired


  • Rinn Shrike – Half-elf Sorcerer/Rogue (Storm Sorcery)
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard (College of Lore)
  • Fisch – Bear Fighter (regular NPC)