Ryo Yelmoira

Master of Secrets to Empress Briarwood.

A tall, thin, dark elf with dreadlocks and a neat beard, Ryo has lived in Vasselheim and was a member of the Dissenters. He is a ranger, with gold piercings on his ears and two scars on the edge of his left eye. Overall, Ryo appears to be a calm and collected fellow.

As Master of Secrets, his job for the Issyliarn Empire is to know everything that’s going on. He and the Empress are very close, and while there have been rumors of a relationship, no one actually knows for sure. Everything about Ryo is a secret, after all.

In session 23 “The Titan’s Toll,” Victor tells the adventurers that Ryo is actually dead and has been replaced by his granddaughter Vanya.