About “Yeeted & Yoinked”

This is the home for a game based on the Exandria world known to fans of Critical Role. It is a divergent story, taking place after Vox Machina has retired and started families.


The game came about when my wife lamented being able to find a game, and wishing I had the time to actually run on. Since normally I travel a lot for work, I’m spread thin and didn’t have the brain space. And then the Fire Nation attacked COVID happened.

Originally I had a lot of really restrictive and silly ideas (everyone’s an Ashari!) but I settled on “What would happen if I took people from their home, yeeted them into who the fuck knows where, and then destroyed their preconceived notions?” From that, I got the basic setup: Everyone’s in Whitestone, and the world goes to hell.

The players have been collected by my wife, not me! In fact, this was how I met most of the players.

As for the world? Well it’s mostly canon Exandria, taking place a little after the ‘today’ of Campaign Two, but it’s ‘wrong.’ And there are reasons for the wrong… As the players will find out.

Heh. Heh. Heh.


The World of Exandria and all their characters to Critical Role are copyright Critical Role Productions. We claim no ownership except for our original characters and use Vox Machina with love.