New Vasselheim (Volgograd)

Map of New Vasselheim (click for full sized)

The survivors of the destruction of Vasselheim followed their new leader whom they named Empress of Isslyra. Empress Lydia Briarwood quickly rebuilt a city slightly to the south and east of Vasselhiem. Naming it “New Vasselhiem” the city is now far less religious than it was, however that is slowly changing. New Vasselheim is the capital of Issylra.

Smaller than Emon, but not by much, the rebuilt city is notable for how damn fast it was created!

The area immediately around the Ruins of Vasselheim are dangerous and teeming with both monstrous creatures, fouled by the magic spilling from the ruins, as well as myriad artifacts that were once housed in the temples.

For five years, while the ruins weren’t off-limits, but only the bold would dare set foot within. Only a handful of people had ventured into the ruins and returned at all, even fewer returned with their sanity intact. That all changed after the Agents of Numina went, broke the spell, and defeated the Empress.

While the city is open to all refugees from all lands, few people from outside Othanzia have made the trip due to the giant sea monster that likes to destroy boats, and the magical mishaps that crashed all airships.

As of 845, the city is considering going back to their old name of Volgograd.


  • Forrest Docks — shipments for the nearby farming etc. Outside the walls, this is the newest doc area.
  • Sun Docks — outside the walls, this is generally used for the rehoming of people who are a bit lost, as well as tourism
  • Butchers Docks — for … food.
  • North Docks — Misc business (trade, etc) can be found here.
  • Rat Docks — The poor people docks. This is the slum area.


The Green

Between the North Docks and the Rat Docks is the Green, a pastoral area dedicated to the lives lost in the original Vasselheim, but also those who died in service of the city. In the center is a giant tree, thousands of years old, saved from the original city. All city festivals are held here.

The Arch

The richest section of town, the Empress’ castle is here. It’s well inside the city walls, and houses the rest of the political leaders as well as most government buildings. This section of town most resembles Old Vasselheim, as much of the area was built from salvaged materials.

  • The Castle – In so far as castles go, it’s pretty unimpressive. While the building is strongly built, and exudes protective magics, it is clear that the Empress actively chose not to make this a bastion of the ostentatious.
  • Parliament – Near the castle is a long, flat building where the government regularly meets to discuss situations. Sometimes the meetings are open to the public.
  • The Courts – Across the street from Parliament are the courts. These buildings were built higgledy piggledy, very organically sprawling out as more space was needed. There are small jail cells near the courts.
  • Embassy Buildings – Foreign nationals have not really shown up much yet, but there are houses ready for them.
  • Memorial – An empty park with an obelisk in the centre, the names of those lost are carved in to stone walls surrounding the obelisk. Regularly people hold ceremonies.


To the immediate west of the Arch, and sprawling in and outside the original city walls, is the religious part of New Vasselhiem. There is a temple for each of the primary deities, but basically if there’s a god, there’s a temple. All the temples here are open to anyone who is down on their luck, though you are expected to help out (cleaning etc). They do not tolerate people who abuse the free services, however, and those who ‘mooch’ off the temples or cause problems are re-homed, usually to the Rat Docks.

Major Locations include:

  • The Silver Scale – Worshipers of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, they are considered the reason why Vasselheim fell, and do a significant amount of work paying back for the tragedy.
  • The Pit – A training ground and relatively small temple for Kord, the storm lord. The head priest is a Goliath named Argak Kalagelo.
  • The Hanging Gardens – Worshippers of Melora can be found here, close to the ports.
  • The Temple of the Raven Queen – A squat and wide obsidian building with Gothic features, this forbidding temple is home to the Raven Queen. The head priest is named Gleason.
  • The Cobalt Vault – Library/temple to Ioun for the Cobalt Soul.

Chalk Borough

The mercantile district, jewelry is sold here, as are spell components. They do a brisk business with … well everyone. While there are some apothecary stores here, they sell at a severe upcharge. That said, the quality is outstanding. Similarly, high quality magic components are found here.

Found here:

  • The Molten Friend – By the gate that is between WestWay and The Arch, they sell fine weaponry.
  • The Sage’s Elements – An enchanter. Found in a major crossroads of the Chalk Borough. The street outside has a crowd watching performers, pretty much all the time. They generally don’t buy items.
  • The Night’s Trinkets – The jeweller/enchanter is a concrete two-storey building, with a white tile roof and shiny hardwood floors. It contains a set of gold scales and a leather bound bag with hundreds of compartments on the counter.  They regularly purchase salvaged bits.

Snow Water

Outside the walls, this up and coming area is where most adventurers go. The following guilds are found here (provided you know where to look…).

  • The Slayer’s Take — A newly reformed guild, they take on dangerous missions (or … not so dangerous) to kill wild beasties in the wild lands of the ruins and beyond. They are open for new members. Some jobs are super mundane like “Are these horses glamoured?”  Others are “Can someone please kill the dragon harassing my farm?”
  • Clocks & Cogs – Close to the Rat Docks, this store is known for being the ‘go to’ place for weird mechanical odds and sods
  • Thieves Guild – Yes, there is a functional thieves guild in town. If you know where to find it of course. The government is well aware of it’s existence, and has no issues with them at this time.
  • The Ill Apothecary – The lone apothecary shop in Snow Water, they’re known for a brisk supply of healing potions at surprisingly affordable prices.
  • John’s Marketplace – The general store is a timber and brick single storey building, with a gray tile roof and shuttered windows. It contains a deck with chairs and sacks full of fruit cover the floor. 
  • The Gracious Belly – A tavern on the by the walls. The street outside has a weird smell.

Copper Wall

The military is generally housed here. Pickpocketing is very rare here, resulting in expensive prices.

  • City Guards – The actual city guards, they are always hiring and have resorted to using mercenaries and freelancers.
  • Issylran Armed Forces – The army has an outpost here, and does most of it’s training. It’s a very small army at the moment, barely more than the guards, but they’re growing and every new city that joins the empty gets a unit or four.
  • Wildland Patrols – Part guards and part curious people, there is always work for someone willing to step into the Wildlands around the ruins.

Ivy Hall

Generally the educational district, magic and traditional schools have sprung up here. There are a number of supply shops as well, for all the needs of the students, and at reasonably affordable prices however the quality is mediocre. High quality supplies are usually found in the Chalk Borough.

The following schools and shops can be found:

  • The Free Academy – A non religious school of magic, open to all who wish to learn. 
  • The Cobalt Tower – less a tower and more a … fancy house, it’s the rebuilding library of the Cobalt Soul. The Monks regularly send out people to try and collect books and items back from the ruins, with mixed levels of success.

Relationships with Other Lands

Currently, New Vasselheim is at peace with other nations. Embassy buildings were made for the major nations and republics.

All embassies that have personnel are staffed by people from those regions who were in Othanzia when Vasselheim was destroyed.

  • Clovis Concord – While there is a representative housed here, there’s very little to do as most boats are unwilling to land.
  • Dwendallian Empire – Considered to be an embassy in exile, the status of the Dwendalian Empire has been in much doubt. Currently work is being done to try and send provisions to the north.
  • Marquet – At this time, Marquet has closed their Embassy. There are two people residing within, only to facilitate the return of artifacts.
  • Tal’Dorei Republic – Due to the Empress’ name being Briarwood, Tal’Dorei has respectfully declined. A building is traditionally held open for them.
  • Xhorhas – The Kryn Dynasty has posted a small envoy, in exchange for the return of an ancient relic. They originally resided in a smaller one-story building, but moved across the street for less sunlight.