Isslyra – as of 845 PD

Issylra (eh – seel – rah) is one of the continents on the world of Exandria. It is a “very large continent […] almost like the equivalent of Asia and Russia”, much of it “very wild, untamed wilderness.”

Since the destruction of Vasselheim, there have been difficulties with magic on Isslyra. While day to day magics appear unaffected, higher and more powerful magics are either impossible or provide unexpected results. There has been no functional teleportation in or out, nor the creation of permanent circles since 840 PD. Even druids report that their ability to travel via large plants has been impacted.


Settled Areas

Wild Lands

  • Vesper Timberland
    • An extremely dark, oppressive, almost unnaturally fast-growing forest in Othanzia near the ruins of Vasselheim. It is huge and sprawling, going for miles before bleeding into the endless tundra to the north.
  • Sunderpeak Mountains
    • Named for the fact that it “sunders” the northern region of Othanzia from the lesser-known (and virtually unexplored) regions of Issylra to the south. This mountain range also includes an intensely volcanic region that is home to a rift with the Elemental Plane of Fire.
  • Utespire Mountain Range
    • A forbidding and jagged mountain range, stalked by ferocious creatures.
  • Zenwick Mountains
    • Tall mountains with jagged peaks, all coated in snow and ice, inhabited by dangerous creatures, notable in the following areas:
      1. Crypts of Thomara: A cursed city of mad, cannibalistic dwarves
      2. Silted Veil: A valley of healing mud that was taken over by violent creatures.

The Godless Lands

South of the Sunderpeak Mountains is what has become known as “The Godless Lands.” Originally known to be plains, home to many ancient and rare creatures, the magics unleashed when Vasselheim exploded appears to have made the land unable to trespass. The Cobalt Soul sent a few explorers to investigate, but none have returned. Ships that have attempted to land on the shore have been found devoid of life (though two were reported to be filled with ghosts).

The Empress has declared the land unsafe, and will not authorize any more expeditions.


Issylra is home to the most ancient of all cities in Exandria, having survived all manner of disturbances. This does not mean that Issylra is safe, however. In fact, a large portion of the continent is considered dangerous and wild, where magical beasts of all sorts roam.

There are rumours of a tribe of Wooly Loxodon to the North, in the Utespire Mountains, as well as dragons (yes, plural).