Emror was killed in Session Eight: The Stand

The self proclaimed “Last Ravenite,” Emror appeared to be ancient. A withered bronze, tailless dragonborn, he said he was 35 but looks closer to 95. He lives alone, in someone else’s mage tower that he hoards everything he can find that might be of value.

According to Emror, the Ravenites made the cities fly again, but a war broke out and they all killed each other, making the city fall. He survived by hiding in the cellar of the tower he now calls home.

According to Cembiten, Emror was imprisioned in that cellar and released by Cembiten who felt he was repentant. Cembiten was wrong, and attributed the zombies and deaths to Emror and the green gem in his staff, which Cembiten said held the soul of the mad necromancer, Flynn.

Emror was defeated – first by Tunk, who caused Flynn to possess Emror’s body, and then by Jeremiah, who killed him with Inflict Wounds.