Vanya Von Vasselheim

A rare wizard from the Von Vasselheim lineage and not conventionally attractive, Vanya’s more known in her family for being a little weird and into magic. Vanya went to Wildemount to study at the Soltryce Academy as a young woman, and fell under the auspice of mentor and master, Caleb Widogast. From Caleb, Vanya learned about more than just magic, but also the horrors that people can do.

Even so, Vanya was on the path to be a Volstrucker, eventually actually becoming one under the rule of Astrid Beck. By that point in time, Headmaster Beck was a little mellower and had done away with much of the horrors of her own mentor, Trent Ikathon, but Volstruckers remained a name to be feared.

It was in that time that Vanya met an older Volstrucker named Livia Thorne. Caleb (and Astrid) both held her in cautious regard. Livia was the last student picked by Trent, after all, and seemed a little more inclined to forbidden knowledge. When Livia left for Isslyra, Caleb sent Vanya to follow. She quickly learned Livia’s intentions and, when it was obvious Livia was taking over as Lydia Briarwood, Vanya assisted her grandfather Viktor in covering up the death of Ryo Yelmoira, faking her own death, and taking Ryo’s place.

For five years, Vanya pretended to be Ryo, only once leaving Isslyra for Wildemount, which was when she stumbled upon Rinn Shrike. The Volstruckers had their eyes on him, but Vanya saw a chance, and expidited Rinn’s passage to Issylra. Their boat was the last to make the journey.

Cut off from her master, Vanya secretly aided rebellions and when the Empress was finally defeated, told the Agents of Numina her story.

Post Rebellion

Currently Vanya has no interest in politics, and has begun mulling around the idea of teaching. She’s given Rinn a letter to hopefully present to Headmaster Beck, explaining what happened and tendering her official resignation as a Volstrucker.

Vanya’s also weirdly popular for the first time in her life, and has been happily sleeping around because of it.