The Stone of Flynn (Destroyed)

Wondrous Item, very rare (Requires Attunement)

The Gem was destroyed by the group in making a liquid imbued with it to destroy the magical pyre in Old Vasselheim.

This green gem is oval in shape, faceted and beautiful. It looks close to the color of peridot.  Once attuned, the wielder can speak with the great, ancient being who calls himself Flynn. He claims to have been a great, PRE Calamity, sorcerer, and will provide power that the user could normally not cast.

Each use requires an intelligence check (DC 14). A failure means only cantrips may be cast.

Every day the gem is used, the player must may a willpower check (DC 17) at the next long rest, or be possessed for 24 hours. Should the user become unconscious, Flynn can make a saving throw to heal and possess the body. The initial DC for this is 17, however with every failed possession-check, it decreases by 1 to a minimum DC of 10.


  • The gem can be used 7 times per long rest.
  • Requires Attunement
  • Cursed
  • Sentient


The gem provides a total of 7 charges per long rest, and charges may be used to cast any number of the following spells. Once the total charges-per-spell adds to 7, the gem cannot be used again until a long rest has passed.

Spell NameCharges
Sapping Sting1
Chill Touch1
True Strike1
Ray of Enfeeblement2
Crown of Madness2
Blinding Smite3
Hunger of Hadar3
Phantasmal Killer4
Evard’s Black Tentacles4
Temporal Shunt5
Circle of Death6
Create Undead6
Tether Essence7
Finger of Death7