Clocks & Cogs

A store in Snow Water, close to the Rat Docks, this store is known for being the ‘go to’ place for weird mechanical odds and sods. Since the destruction of Vasselheim, it’s mostly known for trinkets, but the savvy shopper can easily recognize what it’s really good for.

Generally considered ‘filled with dangerous lunatics,’ the miners frequent this location for rare supplies.

Rumor has it, the only reason they’re not allowed in the Chalk Borough is because of the occasional explosion that happens. While the neighbours have complained, no fines have ever been issued.


  • Ivan – Owner. A lithe and lean human male missing a hunk of hair on the left side. His face and arms are marred by scars discoloured black. Ivan’s eyes are bulbous and he wears a jeweller’s eyepiece on his left eye all the time.
  • Olivia – Co-owner. Ivan’s wife. A solid, strong woman. She always wears a head scarf and has scars on her arms, also discoloured black. She’s rarely seen without her leather apron.
  • Vicktoria (druid), Akan (artificer), Segun (artist) – Family members who also work the shop. They all have at least one visible black scar, and look very much like Ivan. They’re usually wearing goggles, or have them on their heads.


The building is a stone cabin, with a slate roof and shuttered windows with no glass. The walls and interior ceiling are stained black. Or charred. No one’s sure. It contains a large chandelier and saws and tools hanging from the ceiling.