The Slayer’s Take

The Slayer’s Take was a guild in Vasselheim that was paid to hunt rare animals, typically for specific parts of the animal. Since the destruction, they’ve reestablished in New Vasselheim with a bit of a broader goal, covering more weird problems that happen in and outside the city. Currently they are split into two primary groups, colloquially known as Inside and Outside the Walls.

The Slayer’s Take pays homage to Ioun, the goddess of knowledge, prophecy, and skill. While the Take was once under the auspice of a Sphinx named Osysa, she has not been seen since the destruction.

No one gets tattooed anymore.


  • Margo Cyndrial — Guildmaster
    • a very short tiefling ranger
    • daughter of Vanessa and Murtin, she survived the destruction while her parents did not
  • Otel Tasithar — Second in Command
    • a drow elf fighter from Xhorhass, missing his right leg
    • member of house Tasithar, purportedly came in search of a mysterious item with the rest of the Xorhassian embassy
    • lost his leg in the destruction and joined the Take afterwards
  • Yorrik Brickshaper — Captain of Inside the Wall
    • a dwarf rogue with a patchy beard, and burn scars along the left side his face
    • survivor of the original Take, he was inside the city and nearly died in the destruction
  • Teffany Sures — Captain of Outside the Wall
    • a human fighter in her mid-thirties
    • survivor of the original Take, she was out on a mission when the city was destroyed
  • Pansy Underfoot — Assistant Captain of Inside the Wall
    • a halfling monk with a scar covered face
    • joined the Take after the destruction
  • Vimak Katho-Olavi (aka “The Dawncaller”) — Assistant Captain of Outside the Wall
    • a non-binary Goliath artificer (armorer) in their 50s
    • roamed the countryside as a youth and arrived in New Vasselhiem after the destruction, joining the take right away
    • promoted to asst. captain after Vlad left

Inside the Walls

It’s known that this is a bit of a misnomer, as these members will work outside the walls but only within the city territory and farmlands. The Inside members primarily work on issues that the guards are simply too busy for (or don’t care enough about). Farmers often will reach out to the Take first, knowing that while the cost is high, the results are worth it. In addition, the government regularly hires the Take to followup on … oddities that cropped up during the rebuild. Even the guards will hire them, since the Take is doing a lot better than the guards when it comes to employment.

Typical Assignments:

  • Lost children
  • Domesticated animals who breach the walls
  • Demons making a home inside the city (like a Rakshasa)
  • Corruption due to wild magic
  • Discrete investigation into other government officials
  • Assisting the military and/or guards

Outside the Walls

Also known as Long Rangers, these people are considered fearless and stalwart, as they will actually take on the Wildlands. Since the magic overran much of the land around Vasselheim when it was destroyed, few people are willing to breach the border into the old city and recover items. This includes guards, who really cannot be convinced to take on that city for the moderate pay.

Typical Assignments

  • Monster hunting
  • Exploring and remapping the Wildlands
  • Rescue operations and investigations within Old Vasselheim
  • Coordination with the Wildland Guards

Building Layout

First Floor

The building is four stories tall, the top-most being reserved for the senior-most members.

The first floor is offices, kitchens, and the practice grounds. A number of books can be found here, but they tend to be trashy novels more than anything useful.

The kitchen is open 24/7.

Second Floor

The second and third floors are for people who chose to live at the Take. The majority of members move out once they’ve made enough money, as the place is more like a common dorm than anything else.

They look more or less the same, with baths available.

The fourth floor is off limits unless you’re invited.

Former Members

  • Vladesoc Zorjurn — Former Assistant Captain of Outside the Wall (quit to take Cembiten home)
    • a Ravenite dragonborn cleric
    • he worships his ancestors which is weird, even for New Vasselheim
    • joined the Take about a week before the destruction
    • everyone calls him Vlad