Whitestone Celebration – 840 PD

Date: Thunsheer 21-31, 840 PD

The Voice of the Tempest, Keyleth of the Air Ashari, wanted to throw a massive party for her mother’s astounding return, and introduce her mother to … well … everyone! All living members of Vox Machina have come. Since the celebration is set for 6 days before Merryfrond Day (31 Thunsheer), Whitestone is having a festival for 10 days.

Stalls and travelling merchants have popped up and are selling all manner of goods. There’s one merchant who actually has a painting of Vex’halia, as well as a signed parchment from her.

On the 25th, there will be a harvest reel dance, with speeches and traditional Ashari music.

The dress attire is ‘cute casual’ as all the events will be outside.