Session Eight: The Stand

Rather quickly, it was determined that Tāmarai only had a basic understanding of Dunamancy (aka time-related magics). Since that didn’t change the plan much, they decided to bait Emror. Using Bob’s familiar (normally in the form of a couch) to pose as a Threshold Crest, and Bob himself to look like Cembiten, they made their last stand on the bridge into the town.

Emror fell for the trap, though he brought a number of his undead minions with him. Four were caught by a net-trap that Stubby arranged, and Cembiten made use of a Moonbeam spell to hold back the majority of the forces. This gave the long-range attackers a chance to wear down Emror. Tunk, using his Step of the Wind, crossed the river and took out a skeleton before laying into Emror himself. With his staff, Tunk seemingly killed Emror, however the green gem on Emror’s staff shone and he rose again.

Only this time, it was not Emror. His body was fully possessed by Flynn, the mad mage who resided in the gem. After ordering his Minions to surround Tunk, Flynn/Emror brought down the Hunger of Hadar on himself and those around him, which included Tunk and Cembiten. As the others took out some of the minions, and Jeremiah used Turn Undead to scare off some, a pair of ghasts attacked Tunk, rendering him unconscious.

When Cembiten broke free of the Hunger of Hadar, Flynn/Emror followed him and attacked, which put him in range of Jeremiah. Unarmed, unarmored, the Cleric cast Inflict Wounds, managing to permanently kill the body (DM Note: Jeremiah’s spell did 68 points of damage!!). The spell for Hunger of Hadar faded. The undead creatures collapsed back into the dirt, but the gem still glowed. Cembiten rushed to save Tunk, keeping his promise to Flora to protect them, and Tāmarai grabbed the staff. When she did, Emror flaked and dissolved into nothing.

As they stood, taking in the reality of the fight, the Kobolds arrived (bloody, beaten, and missing Fallick, oddly enough), with their Crest in a wheelbarrow.

The group wasted no time. They arranged the stones and put the gem, still on the staff, between them. The Bards played the tune of the Crest (DM Note: Tāmarai played The Ocarina of Time) and the spell was cast by Cembiten. It appeared to work, first showing them their entire lives (that which was, that which is, and that which perhaps would come). They saw mirrors and halls of themselves, much like if one looked into a Luxon beacon. And then… Then they saw Tal’Dorei, and Whitestone, and they were shunted across the oceans and continents to land … somewhere.

Standing alone, Bob, Cembiten, Jeremiah, Tāmarai, Tunk, and Stubby realized they were on the continent of Issylra. But as they looked to the mountains, where all the paintings told them the glorious city of Vasselhiem should be, they saw nothing but smoking rubble.

A guard approached them, demanding to know who they were, and was surprised by being asked “What year is it!?!”

It is 845.

They have been missing for five years, and now Vasselhiem is gone.

What will happen next?

This marks the end of the first arc of “Yeeted & Yoinked”: The Last Dragonborn.