Session Seven: Crossroads

On their way back from the Kobold Caverns, the two groups met back up and began to discuss a plan. This was interrupted by a strange earthquake and the arrival of five Gnoll Witherlings. With the assistance of Cembiten, they were able to quickly set up a trap and defeat the Gnolls, but also realized it was very likely that Emror was on to their plan, or is hunting Cembiten still.

Retreating to Cembiten’s lair, they made a meal and planned to lure Emror out of his tower, with the bait of either a Threshold Crest or possibly Cembiten. They discussed the humming nature of the crest and it’s resonance, prompting Bob to … commune with it. Bob’s patron, Sark, said the Crest was powerful magic, restricted in the time that he (Sark) walked the earth. Sark did not think that Bob (or anyone there) had the ability or strength yet to control or use it properly, but Sark was certain that if it could be communicated with, and placed in resonance with another Crest, and filled with power of that green gem, they would break whatever spell had them there.

Of course, Sark also warned that a mage named Flynn lived in that gem and, if the gem was used, Flynn might overwhelm them and control them. In the bad way.

While this happened, Tāmari was inspired to play music, which actually had an effect! She, and Jeremiah (who now has the history of the Ravenites in his possession), were able to play music to communicate, which resulted in the Crest expressing a feeling of protection. It wanted them to get home.

As they lamented not being able to communicate home, Cembiten offered to try using the blue communication stone. Their first attempt failed, but the second (natural 20!) brought the stone to life. According to Archivist Hinds, it had only been 5 minutes. Keyleth and Vex’halia came to the room and listened to the plan, agreeing it sounded reasonable. Keyleth suggested that, when their little gnomish friend (Tāmarai) awoke, they should ask her if she knew anything about time magic.

Why? Because she was from Xhorhas.


  • Bob – Changling Warlock (Pact of the Old Ones)
  • Jeremiah Callows – Human Cleric
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard (College of Lore)
  • Tunk – Bugbear Monk (Way of the Cobalt Soul/Expositor)

The players reached level 3 at the end of this session.