Session Twenty-Five: The Belly of the Beast

While it was a little tricky, the group managed to work with Victor to melt the gems into a strange liquid. Flynn tried to make an escape but was thwarted. We hope. They also arranged a set of signals so both sides would know if they were good to go with the revolution or not. Then they tucked themselves in for a night rest before depending to the belly of the Sanctuary of the Platinum Dragon.


At dawn, a moose arrived to ferry Victor to New Vasselheim. As he rode off in disguise, shouting “Learn from my mistaaaaaakes!” The others made a quick call back to Whitestone and let them know of the plans. Percy and Vex promised to send aid if they were able to use Tree Stride to get to NV (and Vex promptly sorted out that Rinn and Stubby had merely traded armor and were not having sex).

Thus prepared, the troupe headed back to the city, following a shortcut of Fisch’s, and quickly headed directly to the Platinum Sanctuary. Victor’s three stone automatons were waiting, guarding the Platinum Sanctuary. Tying some rope on their entrance, they headed down into the belly of it all.

It was a short hike to the sewers that were below the city proper itself. The sewers were long dry and empty, devoid of any life other than rats, mimics, violet fungi, and the like. Making their way through the sewers, they followed Tāmari’s sense of direction and found the source of the pyre.

They finally reached an opening that was huge. It was just bigger than any tunnel in a sewer had a right to be. Four grated covers surround a circle of white, with 5 animals carved in: 

  • a green goat
  • A red dragon
  • A purple unicorn
  • a white owl
  • And blue sea lion

Above the white circle, which appeared to be made of marble, was the blue pyre, hovering 30 feet above. As soon as they crossed the threshold, words in Xhorhassian appeared around the circle:

First came the water of life. Second the land was shaped. Third, the air itself was given breath. Next the flame to light the dark. Last came magic, giving us the power to alter time.

All five carvings lit up even brighter, shooting tunnels of color up and up, twisting together and braiding until they’re consumed by the pyre above, their color being leeched out into the blue. On the grates surrounded the circle were four elementals — Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

The group managed to coerce and lead the sometimes violent elementals to the appropriate spot, which caused each tunnel of lite to taper off and disappear until only the purple was left. At that point, a spectral being was finally visible in the purple pilar. A thin line of purple is being pulled from it, drawn upwards into the glowing pyre.

It was clear that it was a Xhorhassian elf, her skin the dusty purple known to Tamari most of all. She was an adult elf, wearing worn but pretty gorgeous armor. Around her are three skeletons, all in the armor of the Platinum Guards. Over a minute, the form solidified. Faint traces of energy are being pulled from her and surround the beacon she holds.

It was Rayelle, the wife of Lanna Kryn who was long thought to be dead. She was preventing Lydia from siphoning the power of the beacon by sacrificing her own magic and life. There was no way for her to survive the end. She had no life left. Stubby used her skills to record Raelle’s last visage and her voice, with a message for her wife:

I love you. I will find you in our next life.

Thus prepared, she held the beacon down, allowing Tāmari only to pour the liquid to sever the connection. It would give them about 2 days before the Empress might notice. As Tāmarai did so, she saved the last drop to touch with her own finger to the magical stream.

In doing so, Tāmarai was transported to a calm place outside of time. Raelle was there, alive and well and healthy and young. She apologized for Tāmari having to bear this burden, and asked for her coin from Ioun. Splitting the coin, Raelle handed Tāmari her own ring and placed the two coins on her own eyes, fading into the Luxon beacon itself.

What everyone else saw was nothing more than a brilliant flash of purple light. To their surprise, after the flash of light, the Tāmari who stepped out, holding the dodecahedron in her arms, was an older, slightly taller Tāmari:

Tāmari Post Magic

Seeing the magic pyre beginning to just barely wane, they had no time to linger. They quickly made their escape, finding all other manners of monsters (mostly mimics, fungi, and oozes) all dead. Likely by the magic. Awaiting them outside were two moose, who ferried them to the Birthheart, where a third moose, wearing a cape of leaves and his antlers festooned with garlands, trying to open a Tree Stride spell, and a bear with a staff, who hugged Fisch.

Beyond to the south, blue fireworks were going off.

The revolution had begun.

Loot Acquired

  • Ring of Spell Storing (Tāmarai)
  • Luxon Beacon (Tāmarai)


  • Rinn Shrike – Half-elf Sorcerer/Rogue (Storm Sorcery)
  • Stubby – Half-elf Artificer/Artillerist
  • Tāmarai Shikomi – Gnome Bard (College of Lore)
  • Fisch – Bear Fighter (regular NPC)