Draconia / Ravenia

Draconia was a floating archipelago of cities on the continent of Wildemount, southeast of the Ashkeeper Peaks. It was a Dragonborn kingdom and the home of Tiberius Stormwind. When the Chroma Conclave unleashed its assault across Exandria, the floating cities of Draconia were brought crashing down.

Draconia fell to Vorugal, rather literally, it crashed in Wildemount. Vorugal wiped out all the Dragonborn there. The Ravenites survived, but were enslaved by Vorugal. It was through the actions of Vox Machina that Vorugal was killed and the ravenites freed. After Vox Machina left, the Ravenites tried working with the Tal’Dorei council but in the end desired no contact with the outside world, claiming it only brought them trouble. The territory was declared ‘off limits’ by all other nations.

Since then, a few Ravenites have arrived from Draconia. While they’ve been very quiet about the goings on in their homeland, they are rumors that the Ravenite mages are experimenting with the items and magic left behind by the Dragonborn as well as Vorugal.

The Founding of Ravinia

Per the book written by Cembiten, it has the public, well known, history of Draconia in order from the days when the cities flew, down to the collapse and the literal fall. There is aslo lot of non-public information about how the cities were formed and how the great Sorcerers of the ages called upon the magic of the ancients, those who made cities fly, and powered the land to fly once more!

But this magic clearly came at a cost. The Dragonborn had enslaved their tail-less brethren, the ravenites, and forced them to toil and serve so they could be free to power their cities. This loss of empathy was, in turn, their ultimate downfall. When the Chroma Conclave attacked, they took advantage of this disparity in the populace, driving a wedge further between them, and destroying most, if not all, of the Dragonborn. And it was in this destruction that the spells which held the islands aloft were broken. Draconia fell.

The ravenites, who had traded one evil masters for another, were finally freed by Vox Machina when Vorugal, and later the Conclave itself, were defeated. However the ravenites felt betrayed by everyone. None had come to their aid, and even Vox Machina were only there for their own missions.

In the hope of peace, and aid, Tofor Brotoras joined the Council of Tal’Dorei and to the outside, things were fine. Internally, there was a disagreement about the use of magics previously learned from the tailed Dragonborn oppressors. In short, the magic users wanted to restore the power of the (cracked) Threshold Crests to make the city-island fly again, and the politicians wanted to rebuild as-is, now in Wildemount, and make a home for all.

A mere five years after Draconia fell, a ravenite sorcerer, Suthal (whose name is mostly scratched out from most of the records, as if Cembiten wants the name forgotten), managed to cast the lost spells and made the main island fly again. But this joy did not last. The fractured stones were unstable, and Suthal began to sacrifice lesser ravenites, using blood magic to power the flying of the island, and this turned into a second war.

During the war, Emror (Suthal’s apprentice) was imprisoned in the tower out of fear he would aid his master. Near the end, Emror was set free by Cembiten, who felt perhaps Emror was repentant and could help them win. Emror pretended to side with them and in fact aided them in defeating Suthal. But unknown at the time, Emror did that because he had discovered the gem of Flynn, secreted in the basement of the tower by Suthal.

In killing Suthal, the magics that flew the island were shattered, sending it crashing yet again. This time, it was hoped, permanently. A great many of the ravenites died in the second crash, and at first the survivors thought it was over. Before they could recover, Emror turned on them and siphoned their life force.

But Emror could not make the city fly and found he too was trapped.

Cembiten and a small handful of survivors retreated to the Ravenite Caves. Over the years since, Emror has been picking them off, one by one, should they stray too near the city. Cembiten has remained mostly where they are, and as such has lived.

At the end of the book is a list of all the dead, and when and how they died. A number did, actually, die of old age, waiting for the spells to be broken.

Map of the Remaining Area

The explorable area in Ravinia is limited due to being … dropped multiple times. Shockingly, this doesn’t really help a city. (Yes the map is misspelled, it was made by Emror).