The Kobold’s Lair

Found near the old refugee encampment (used in the time when Draconia had fallen in Wildmount), the Kobolds have built an enormous and complex lair in the side of an unnaturally shorn cliff, hidden by a waterfall. The lair can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • A rope ladder, hidden by a moveable bush near the cliff edge — this leads to the common room
  • A stone-carved ladder built into the cliff, which provides access to a thin shelf that leads behind the waterfall — this leads to the mushroom growing room
  • Flying into either the access to the mushroom room or the fishing room, near the bottom of the waterfall
  • Sloping access via trapdoors hidden in two huts, above the lair, which lead to the armoury and the common room

The Kobolds are led by Turuk’Hal, the Mage King, and Fallik (pronounced fah-LEEK), the captain of the guards. There is some tension between Turuk’hal and Fallik, regarding the treatment of strangers, likely due to the fact that they’ve not actually met any in a long time.

In the throne room, Turuk’Hal has mounted a lime green threshold crest, currently bound to a protection from magical spying spell which prevents Emror from seeing their area.