The Blue Duck


  • Dixa (innkeeper, female elf) – Owner of an Inn back in Old Vasselheim, she survived the destruction and cheerfully set up shop again. She has slim features, typical of high elves, long red hair kept back in a braid, and sounds more haughty than she acts.
  • Godwe (female human) – Godwe has a narrow face, with choppy brown hair and bright brown eyes. She wears tailored clothing and silk gloves and is impossibly lucky.

On Silver Street, near the bell tower. The street outside is lined with carved stone obelisks.

The inn is a large timber and brick building, with several stained glass windows. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses.


  • Baked Partridge and Poached Eggs, Glass of Whisky (4 sp)
  • Roasted Phoenix and Buckwheat Biscuits, Glass of Brandy (2 sp)
  • Steamed Chicken with Clove and Dried Apricot, Glass of Cider (4 sp)
  • Roasted Pork and Lentils, Tankard of Cider (12 cp)