The Sage’s Elements


  • Sarah Marston, Female Half-Orc — works the shop 
    • Her skin is green and flawless. She wears a black tunic with blue highlights, and long grey pants that bunch up around her shoes. She is an epitome of beauty, you have never seen a more amazing Half-Orc in your life. Her hair is short and gunmetal grey and her eyes are violet. Sarah flirts with everyone.
  • Reynard Wing, Male Halfling — the actual Enchanter
    • This tall, slender halfling is wearing colorful clothing, dressed as a Glassblower. He keeps his red hair in a flapper bob. His blue eyes show the wear and tear of someone lonely with a great burden to carry. He considers himself the perfect gentleman. He makes a point to always show proper etiquette and frequently critiques the etiquette of others. 


In a major crossroads of the Chalk Borough.

The enchanter’s is a wooden rowhouse, with a green tile roof and shuttered windows. It contains a large candelabra and a table with arcane symbols and candles on it.


  • Medallion of Thoughts (dmg 181) (2,902 gp)
  • Rope of Climbing (dmg 197) (1,962 gp)
  • Ioun Stone, Reserve (dmg 176) (5,918 gp)